What’s the ‘Invention’

It is essentially a better form of HydroFoils, they’ve never got them to work in waves.
WingBoard wings are not like airplane wings because they are symmetrical – that means the top side is the same as the bottom.  Airplanes only have symmetrical airfoil wings when they are designed for acrobatics, normally they have wing profiles that are flatter on the bottom than the top.  This is because curved foils are more efficient at particular angles of attack, whereas the symmetrical is more of an all rounder – stable and good at a larger range of angles of attack.  So engineers have tended to discount symmetrical foils in favour of high efficiency – except where they are forced to by tail fins and rudders.
The ‘secret’ I discovered about symmetrical foils is that the centre of lift is stable at all angles of attack.  It stays right there at the quarter chord point whatever the flow does.  This fact makes the whole WingBoard concept possible.  It is by having the Spyder collect the load from the rider and directly apply that load exactly to that quarter chord that the magic is done.