What is to be Researched?

The key practical aspect that is still uncertain about the wingboard design is the ‘pump up’ required to start flying.  Imagine you’re standing upright in the ocean, your board under your feet giving just enough extra buoyancy to lift your head comfortably clear of the water.  When you choose to Go you draw your feet/legs up into a sort of crouch, then strongly pump them downwards as if jumping straight up, the resistance caused by the wings (held crossways to the push) and the planing ‘Deck’  allows you to rise in the water, but  probably not enough, it will require at least three pumps to get going in flat water (or so I estimate/visualise).
For the second or third pump to be effective you have to draw the board up again as fast as possible with as little drag as possible – as a minimum the wings must be free to tilt 90 deg to offer less drag.  Achieving minimum drag on the up stroke and maximum drag resistance on the pump stroke will be a measure of excellence in wingboard design and, of course, will be the focus of much of the thinking, experimentation and development in the technical/design line.