Manufacturing will be done on re-purposed freight ships – generally purchased at or close to the current scrapping value of $280/ Ton LDT (Light Displacement Tons).


Some alternatives:

Dry Bulk Carrier – Gives more options re interior architecture – Each of the 5 holds could hold a free-form mix of Container Rooms/Work/Living Areas with huge open work space or gardens if we installed transparent or easily opened hatch cover.

Standard 5000 TEU Container ship – There’s as many containers or more (the heavier stuff) below decks.  A TEU is a standard 20 ft by 8 ft by 8.5 ft container – mostly they use 40 ft these days.

This is called a ‘Feeder’ cos it feeds the larger long-haul ships, notice it has it’s own cranes. This could be a major advantage. They range in size down from 4 or 5000 TEU to quite small.

I included this drawing cos it gives an idea of how the containers are stacked, first in the holds, then on the hatch covers.

Each of our ships will be small independent city states effectively, and part of a larger conglomeration/confederation of ships/states.  This business is going to be based completely on the open ocean.

The primary Industrial ships will be PanaMax container ships currently going for scrap.  Since the Panama canal expanded its dimensions they are becoming obsolete early – a 3500 TEU ship that was only seven years old went for less than $6 million recently – the going rate for ship scrapping is down to $280 per ton.  A TEU is a standard 20 ft container.

Imagine a stack of containers as stacked in a hold or on deck and see it as many cells in an architectural design – any or no walls or ceilings could be cut out.  Imagine it with all the internal walls cut out leaving a huge spaces with only pillars every 20 ft by 8 ft with an 8.5 ft height plus wiring space above the ceiling and below the floor.

Much value is added by good architecture, machinery can be pre installed, plumbing and wiring can all be pre-done, needing only connection.  The cutting out of walls will be done by extreme pressure water blaster under computer control.

To be continued…