Aftermarket: Custom Wings/Fittings

All wingboard designs should include provision for interchangeable wings via standardised wing fitting points.  I think custom wings will be a common speciality that will develop over time so a standard for their fitting is required.  They will range from large area but stubby wings with fat airfoil profiles for beginners to large area, high aspect ratio wings with thin profiles for swell riding to small, fat wings for hot dogging to small, thin ultra fast setups.
The choice range for just the wings is enormous – total area, distribution of area between the two wings, aspect ratio, (aspect ratio is high when a wing is long and narrow like a glider vs low for short and wide wings), airfoil profile and thickness of that profile all count in a wingboards performance in any particular set of conditions and intentions.
Much careful thinking, planning and possibly debate should go into this standard for wing fitting – it’s likely to become locked in stone and should be wisely chosen.