SitRep (Situation Report)

By | 8th October 2017

Not much to do today as I wait while the epoxy hardens in my latest attempt to cast the wings.  I’ve made three attempts so far that have all had some failure that made them unusable.  This time I think I’ve got it because I made no attempt to keep them light – I used many more layers of glass/carbon than before so they shouldn’t need the foam filling that has been so problematic in the past.

The wings are important – they must be symmetrical, not be twisted at all and a fine, polished finish is vital to reduce drag.


A review of the ads for the StandBy/Rescue ship showed that it was indeed still available – and the price is reduced to only 250 k Euros – that is insane!  It’s so cheap, like a dollar per kilogram for a beautiful machine that will last for decades.  It’s selling at a price like a totally worn out junk car yet it’s in excellent condition and fits so well to our project that it could have been designed for us.  I shiver to think of how much it would cost if purpose built.  I would guess at least $20,000,000…

I really fear at this price it might sell to someone else before we are ready – I can only rely on a sense that destiny is involved, ie this ship is Meant for this project – and hurry as much as I dare to get the prototype built and demonstrated…

At this price the initial project is definitely do-able on only $1,000,000.

I’ve just investigated and a superb, top of the line, computer controlled milling machine able to do all we want re prototyping costs about $130,000.

That and the ship itself being the main capital costs both coming in at under $600,000 total leaves $400,000, sufficient for fuel, running costs and supplies etc.  Though more may be needed to pay wages of the compulsory crew.  But more on that later.

BTW, I worked out that running on just the Azipod for drive, just pootling along at 5 to 6 knots, a tank of fuel would take us over 20,000 nautical miles (34,000 Km) – that’s most of the way round the world!  That’s 110 tonnes of fuel at about $350 US per tonne ($40,000).

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