The ‘Soft Start’

By | 23rd September 2017

I’ve decided to open this site for business early – before I intended to keep it private till I had an actual working WingBoard but that has proved impossible.  I’ve found fabricating the prototype enormously more difficult than I expected.  What I thought would take a few months has taken a year.  Oh for a 3d printer capable of making things this big…

But I’m nearly finished, just the wings to cast (the molds are made) and the mechanism that controls the wings to be fitted and the whole thing prettied up and the very First WingBoard™ will be born.   (it actually is trademarked or registered, I’m not sure which, – I was amazed that such an obvious name was not claimed anywhere in the world)

I’ve been progressing slowly since I had a crisis of confidence thinking about how I was going to test it out etc.  You see I am poor and live on the central north-east coast of Australia – there is No surf for hundreds of miles due to the Great Barrier Reef and I am old and not really capable of using it the way a younger person could anyway.  Besides, I need at least one other person to hold the camera while I rode it…

My solution is to;

/open this site to input and discussions to clarify the way forward and start collecting the people we need

/trust the Ineffable…

John Cook

ps please reply – I need to test it out – I’m trying to install DisQus but no success so far.

pps  Success with DisQus!  It’s up and running.