The Ship I’ve Found…

By | 30th December 2016

It’s described as a ‘Multi-Purpose Rescue, Guard, Stand-by-Vessel’.

As such it’s had very little use and as such it’s going cheap cos nobody Needs it.  It’s a ‘Just in Case’ ship.   It has equipment for firefighting and emergency towing and whatever else they could think of.  It has a helicopter drop arrangement for Drop Off/Pick Up (but not land).

It’s got ‘accommodation’ for 130 (from memory) rescued people and freezer space for those who didn’t make it.  It is Arctic rated for 30 cm thick Ice.  Extended range fuel tanks and new water maker installed and fully refitted recently.

It has accommodation for 35 crew though it only needs ??? to run it so there is crew space for our R & D team.

More to our interest are the two Rescue jet boats that will be perfect for assisting the surfers in the water.   They are designed to be fast and easy to launch with the crew already on board.

An Azipod – Don’t know if it’s the same as ours.

And it is equipped with an auxiliary drive, the ‘Azipod’, made by Rolls Royce, it is a electric propeller in a retractable, rotate-able pod positioned under the bridge, that not only is powerful enough to be registered as an alternative main drive and allows docking without a tug in most circumstances but also is perfect at station keeping, maintaining ones GPS position.

Like just off that incredible Reef Break… 😉

It is equipped with a 140 kw Volvo/Stanford, and a 60 kw Caterpilla/Stanford generators sufficient for whatever industrial machines we wish to install – as well as adding lighting and air-conditioning to the hold areas that will become workshops.

It also has a ‘Hospital’, I’ve asked for more details about that, it will probably have an instrument sterilizer and instruments for basic emergency surgery – We need an xRay and/or some better scanner at least.  I think broken bones are a likely eventuality, but I’d like to see us buy an excellent dentist chair and have the basic tools and materials to do emergency tooth repair.  Remember we will be touring remote islands and being able to help the locals will be good.

Any suggestions?  Say it in the comments below.  I’ll have to figure out how to get ‘Any suggestions?’ or  ‘Say it in the comments below.’ to type out with a single keystroke, I’m going to be saying it all the time in these Posts.

But get the idea that I want You to get involved – unless you think the project is all crap, then you should tell us so and leave.

The Brains…  It has a well equipped bridge, all the stuff seems good to superior quality

This is looking out the port side rear door at one of the Rescue boats…

Note how it has its own radar.

Also note the hydraulic’s lever controls in the right foreground for launching it.




At home from the sea…

Just waiting for us and our next adventures.


I think it’s a good looking ship, the hull and lines and basic design are from a North Sea working boat, a trawler.  Which means it is eminently practical and seaworthy – I will never fear the ocean in this boat with a good captain.



And it has had light duties for all those (30+) years since it was converted, with the Azipod installation, for station keeping and ‘Emergency Rescue’ and it has been freshened up lately.  I think it will be easy to love.


P.S.  Just an update – the ship remains unsold and the latest price is only 250,000 Euros, down from about 650 k when I first spotted it.  The sellers must be desperate – it makes the first stage (getting and fitting out the ship) so much cheaper.



  • Thomas S. Wissmann

    I know this boat. It is not really what is ideal. You need better accommodation for such a project and more space on deck is an advantage too. Would suggest this one to start…

    • John Cook

      What a strange looking ship! You’ll have to tell me more – like why does it have a backwards looking bridge? Obviously it’s focused on the back deck and whatever is dragged up onto it. I’m very curious.

      Do you have a link to more info? Including approx price, history etc.

      I agree with you about the limited accommodation on the rescue ship – I was intending extending it with a fitted out container on the back deck to house the Grommets (young surfers).