What is The WingBoard Project?

By | 29th December 2016

The WingBoard Project is a fully Crowd Sourced organization devoted to Developing an invention (a radically better Surf Toy) and then Manufacturing and Selling it – while doing it all without Banks or Banksters.  By relying on ourselves to provide the Capital instead of the banks we free ourselves of their baneful influence.

When we are ready to accept money we will create a Block Chain currency called ‘BitCowrie’ – We will sell BitCowries for $1 each, with the understanding that the WingBoards we make will be only sold for BitCowries, 1000 BC’s each for a standard WingBoard.  An investment of 1000 BC’s or more will get your name onto a list of pre-orders, assuring priority.

Our initial goal is to raise $1,000,000 to purchase a vessel and fit it out with Prototyping equipment and Stores for a cruise of the pacific surf locations.  All development and testing will be done on board by a team of great volunteers.  We need about 40 people, among them we need kids to learn to ride the WingBoards so it will be a very family orientated crew.

An ideal boat has been located.  See ‘The WingBoard Research Boat’.