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What is The WingBoard Project?

The WingBoard Project is a fully Crowd Sourced organization devoted to Developing an invention (a radically better Surf Toy) and then Manufacturing and Selling it – while doing it all without Banks or Banksters.  By relying on ourselves to provide the Capital instead of the banks we free ourselves of their baneful influence. When we… Read More »

SitRep (Situation Report)

Not much to do today as I wait while the epoxy hardens in my latest attempt to cast the wings.  I’ve made three attempts so far that have all had some failure that made them unusable.  This time I think I’ve got it because I made no attempt to keep them light – I used… Read More »

The ‘Soft Start’

I’ve decided to open this site for business early – before I intended to keep it private till I had an actual working WingBoard but that has proved impossible.  I’ve found fabricating the prototype enormously more difficult than I expected.  What I thought would take a few months has taken a year.  Oh for a… Read More »

The Ship I’ve Found…

It’s described as a ‘Multi-Purpose Rescue, Guard, Stand-by-Vessel’. As such it’s had very little use and as such it’s going cheap cos nobody Needs it.  It’s a ‘Just in Case’ ship.   It has equipment for firefighting and emergency towing and whatever else they could think of.  It has a helicopter drop arrangement for Drop Off/Pick… Read More »